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Q and A with Liz Heron on Her Share-worthy Strategies

Follow social media news? You have probably read an update from Liz Heron, director of social media and engagement at The Wall Street Journal. She has a Twitter following of…

What’s Trending at #ONA12: Friday Edition

We’re continuing to track what people are talking about at ONA12. Friday’s trends ranged from diversity issues and tech trends to protests and parties.

When Online Networks Connect in Person

The ONA conference is a chance for journalists from around the world to come together and discuss storytelling in the digital age. But journalists aren’t disconnected in the year between…

Image: Mark Luckie

Attendees Flock to Twitter Headquarters

More than 100 digital journalists visited the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco Thursday evening to learn how to improve their reach on the popular social media platform. Twitter’s Erica Anderson…