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What’s Trending at #ONA12: Saturday Edition

This is the Saturday edition of trend-spotting at ONA12. The day’s events focused more on learning new skills as well as reinforcing the basics.

Is Diversity ONA’s Destiny?

As the 13th annual ONA conference sets a new attendance record again this year, concerns about the media and technology organization’s racial composition still percolate. A data analysis by the…

What’s Trending at #ONA12: Friday Edition

We’re continuing to track what people are talking about at ONA12. Friday’s trends ranged from diversity issues and tech trends to protests and parties.

Image: Jose Antonio Vargas

Vargas: “Diversity Is Destiny”

Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas said it’s time to stop using the term ‘illegal immigrant.’ (Heikki Pölönen/ONA Student Newsroom)