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Knight News Challenge

Why Data Matters, According to the Knight News Challenge Winners

The six winners of the Knight News Challenge: Data grant presented their project plans and goals at the 2012 Online News Association conference in San Francisco.

Drones: Journalists With Flying Robots

Drones. The word brings to mind roving military machines that rain down hellfire. (Or it brings to mind their online parodies.) However, they have potential for civilian use, especially in…

Fuego News Application

Journalists Agree: Understand Technical World, Adapt to Changing Industry

Andrew Phelps started his career as a freelance reporter for a local California newspaper. Armed with a degree in political science, he just liked to report. When he became a…

ONA12 by the numbers

A Look at ONA 2012

The 2012 Online News Association conference kicked off Friday. Here is a look at the conference by the numbers.