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What’s Trending at #ONA12: Saturday Edition

This is the Saturday edition of trend-spotting at ONA12. The day’s events focused more on learning new skills as well as reinforcing the basics.

Drones: Journalists With Flying Robots

Drones. The word brings to mind roving military machines that rain down hellfire. (Or it brings to mind their online parodies.) However, they have potential for civilian use, especially in…

Reforming J-School to Educate “New Journalists”

While college deans are busy discussing journalism education, the Online News Association is educating “new journalists”—in one weekend. Kevin Schaul said he learned more in three days at last year’s…

What’s Trending at #ONA12: Friday Edition

We’re continuing to track what people are talking about at ONA12. Friday’s trends ranged from diversity issues and tech trends to protests and parties.

When Online Networks Connect in Person

The ONA conference is a chance for journalists from around the world to come together and discuss storytelling in the digital age. But journalists aren’t disconnected in the year between…


Mini Law School May Help Keep Digital Journalists out of Court

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