Insta-images at #ONA12: Day 3

In the final stretch of ONA12 journalists had their smart phones out to capture moments from the Yahoo! and Google parties, the last day’s conference sessions, and the beautiful city of San Francisco. See the conference through their eyes with our gallery of images from Instagram and Twitter.

Check out our insta-image galleries from Thursday and Friday.

@Yahoo-tini. Contrasting ingredients, attracts eyeballs, stirs flickrs of interest. #ona12 — digiphile

Bay Bridge from @Google HQ! #ona12 — absolutevan

What a day! Can’t wait to do it again tmrw but Gotta love this sight on my walk back to the hotel. #sf #ona12 — angelaishere

Looking down #ona12 — mattmansfield

SF morning. Love this city. #ona12 — silaslyons

View at breakfast. #ONA12 — stevendavy

Good morning, San Francisco. #ona12 — mattmansfield

Saturday morning at the digital news conference, San Francisco. #ona12 — ariellascohen

Couldn’t visit San Francisco without seeing the seals! #ona12 — mckennaewen

Even social media editors need models for their work. Liz Heron is mine. #ona12 #smpractices —suertadeb

.@joegermuska of @chicagotribune talking about, a#knightchallenge winner #ONA12 — nekolaweb

Moon Festival five blocks from #ona12#paperboyinsf #sf meeting. — lapaperboy

At #ONA12@amichel @nyt_jenpreston @fergb ready for #ugcethics: Ethics of the Community Newsroom — earleyedition

.@Google Slide Mission: Complete. (@jessecfriedman, you’re a hero among men.) #ona12 — fabrikaty