New Social Media Vibrate the News World

What’s the value of the new social media tools? Throughout the short time of their existence, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr have attracted lots of attention from and impacted the news world. Richard Koci Hernandez, a University of California, Berkeley professor, upheld the social photography value of Instagram, saying it provides a free billboard to advertise his photos, which helps him land jobs at big media.

To answer the concern of keeping up with all the new tools, Farai Chideya, a journalism professor at New York University, said the key is to be realistic and let things go because it’s simply impossible to master everything. But learning from the masters in a specific social medium always helps.

Richard Koci Hernandez, assistant professor of new media at UC Berkeley. (Photo by Shako Liu)


Senior Editor Stephanie Clary works in breaking news at NBC News Digital. (Photo by Shako Liu)


Farai Chideya, professor, New York University (Photo by Shako Liu)


Phoebe Connelly, senior editor, Yahoo! News (Photo by Shako Liu)