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ONA12 Conference Opens to Picket Signs

On Friday more than three dozen protesters gathered outside the Hyatt Regency hotel to demand that the hotel giant change its policies on union rights. They sang and chanted in…

Confession Session: What makes you successful?

A popular stop at the ONA 12 Conference is the student newsroom confessional booth, where attendees share their thoughts on what makes a successful journalist. See our other confession sessions,…


Mini Law School May Help Keep Digital Journalists out of Court

Be sure to check out for more coverage.

What You Missed From the Kickoff of ONA12

Not in San Francisco? Here’s what you’re missing. Three journalists from the ONA Student Newsroom collaborated to produce a time-lapse video of San Francisco sights and scenes from the opening…

Confession Session: Becoming a better journalist

Attendees at ONA12 weigh in on questions about the philosophy and practice of journalism from “What’s important?” to “What’s the future?” The Newsroom Confessional is a project of the student newsroom,…

ONA12 by the numbers

A Look at ONA 2012

The 2012 Online News Association conference kicked off Friday. Here is a look at the conference by the numbers.  

Image: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Twitter CEO Addresses ONA

Change is hard. Journalists attending ONA’s keynote speaker session Friday afternoon wanted to talk about Twitter’s new API versus getting tips on how to stay relevant online. More than 500…

10 Tech Trends of 2012

Image: Jose Antonio Vargas

Vargas: “Diversity Is Destiny”

Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas said it’s time to stop using the term ‘illegal immigrant.’ (Heikki Pölönen/ONA Student Newsroom)

Endeavour Glides Over San Francisco Bay

[ona12-soundslides url=””] Thousands of people lined the San Francisco Bay and packed the bluffs on Friday to catch a glimpse of the Space Shuttle Endeavour gliding over the Golden Gate…