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What’s Trending at #ONA12: Saturday Edition

This is the Saturday edition of trend-spotting at ONA12. The day’s events focused more on learning new skills as well as reinforcing the basics.

What’s Trending at #ONA12: Friday Edition

We’re continuing to track what people are talking about at ONA12. Friday’s trends ranged from diversity issues and tech trends to protests and parties.

10 Tech Trends of 2012

Endeavour Glides Over San Francisco Bay

[ona12-soundslides url=””] Thousands of people lined the San Francisco Bay and packed the bluffs on Friday to catch a glimpse of the Space Shuttle Endeavour gliding over the Golden Gate…

Trending at #ONA12

What’s Trending at #ONA12

Each day, we will be tracking what attendees are talking about at the Online News Association 2012 Conference in San Francisco. Although the conference did not officially start until Friday, Thursday saw a number of panels and meetups focused on coding, networking and exploring online tools.