Journalism Next: the Future of the Industry

As journalists from around the world gathered in San Francisco for the 13th annual ONA conference, Shako Liu asked attendees, “What will the journalist’s job look like in the future?”

Anthony De Rosa, social media editor and columnist, Reuters

“I think we are seeing more specialized ”


Eric Carvin, social media editor, Associated Press

“Probably gonna be a hybrid of something with something else.”

Niketa Patel, social media product manager,

“I think the role of social journalists is gonna be ever evolving.”

Justin Bank(Left), Editor, Search & Traffic, The Washington Post

“All those elements are emerging in the newsroom these days.”

Brent Jones, director of standards and staffing administration

“It is really in the digital space, but I think it depends on where technology evolves.”

Bo Rosser, head of multimedia, text and data products, Reuters

“If I were a journalist today, I would focus on data.”

Colleen Newvine, product manager, Associated Press

“It’s journalists increasingly being hyphenated.”

Brant Houston, professor, University of Illinois

“I think the next one is the combination of a person who can do good data analysis.”

Frank Smyth, executive director, Global Journalist Security

“Journalism is in need of digital security and training.”

Marc Cooper, professor, University of Southern California

“It’s impossible to predict what the new form of journalism will be.”